Crowdcore is partnering with Virtual Concert and Event Social Network Happin

Posted by Crowdcore Staff on Aug 11, 2020

Crowdcore is making strides to enter the virtual event space by partnering with upstart live streaming and event social networking platform Happin. With Happin, Crowdcore will be providing their clientele with a new and powerful live streaming platform to enhance the virtual concert experience, as well as being listed on their event directory. 

Crowdcore has been working with promoters and organizers throughout the pandemic, and the next logical move during these unprecedented times is to pivot to online. Crowdcore has identified Happin has the best solution to its clients to provide the best experience possible.

Virtual concerts have been a tool many artists and promoters have been using to cope with these uncertain times, and have shown to be viable. 

With this new partnership, Crowdcore’s clientele have seamless access to Happin’s powerful virtual concert platform, including virtual gifting, interactive games, private viewing parties, and more. Virtual Concerts have shown the potential to be more than a band aid to the problem of limiting the size of social gatherings, but it can also be a viable new source of income for independent artists. 

Unlike other platforms, Happin is designed for paid shows. Artists and promoters do not have to rely on donations as a source of income while livestreaming. There have been instances where paid live streaming has been successful and can be replicated

In addition to having access to a powerful virtual concert platform, Happin also has community features, designed for attendees to interact with one another, and for organizers to connect with guests. Crowdcore’s clientele will also have full access to these event group chats. 

Crowdcore will likely join many more ticketing platforms, event organizers, and content partners who will broadcast their virtual events on Happin, as many other organizations look to pivot to virtual.  

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