Why artists should host a virtual concert?

Posted by Rafael Indyarta on Jul 7, 2020

Is there anything like the atmosphere of a live performance? Side-by-side with fans, singing along to the music that makes you feel a certain way. You and those around you are collectively part of this moment in history, and music has brought you together. 

But promoters and planners know all too well the logistic nightmare and costs of executing a perfect concert safely and one that is profitable. There are many barriers to ensuring a concert goes to plan; ticketing, venue, capacity, food, bathrooms, sound, staging, and more. 

Concerts have been around for years, and with the rise in streaming and fall of album sales, they have been the primary source of income for many artists. With the many costs and potential pitfalls of executing a concert, the risk may oftentimes be too great for a promoter. 

Recently, virtual and hybrid business events have taken place, and are proving to be a viable alternative and the potential future of the event industry. It combines the key aspects of an in-person event, without the limitations. Now imagine if this can be done for the entertainment industry. 

Virtual concerts are currently being done and have shown signs of promise. Take the positive elements of your typical live concert, the atmosphere, the music, the fans, and put in all on a device, eliminating much of the barriers, then you have a potential new stream of revenue

For those still curious about starting to host virtual concerts, here are some reasons why hosting a virtual concert can be great for artists and promoters.

Wider reach

Fans can only attend concerts if they are physically able to travel to a venue an artist is performing. That is how ticket sales are limited to the number of fans in a given area around a venue. 

Moving your concert to a virtual venue will totally remove this barrier. There is no travel restriction to enjoying a virtual concert, so ticket sales will not be restricted by geography. 

This reach can turn a local act into an internationally recognized performer. Gain recognition from communities outside your immediate sphere. 

With more fans coming in from all over, a greater sense of community can be fostered at the virtual concert. Fans will love to see that their favourite artist has an international presence and can be more motivated by it. 

Lower costs

Another huge barrier for an in-person concert is the initial costs that come with hosting a virtual concert. 

Virtual concerts can take a big load off of these initial costs, or relocate them to the actual production itself. Instead of using those funds on security, you can use it on staging. Instead of paying for a port-a-potties, you can lower ticket prices or hire a band. 

With lower costs, anyone can host a virtual show. Anyone who is enthusiastic about their music, and with a small following can put on a show their fans deserve. 

Digital features

When an event is entirely virtual, you are opening it up to the internet, and there are plenty of advantages to this. 

Your virtual event can be easily shared through social media. Unlike your typical show, when the show is shared on social media, people interested can simply follow the link and join. 

This can also be an effective advertising tool. You can prepare real-time clips that will be shared on social media, so potential guests can get a taste before committing to the show. 

In addition to the share-ability, being online can create opportunities for additional features. For example, artists can host face-to-face conversations with fans, personal messages can be displayed, and greater chances of interactiveness can be created.

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