Setting up a VIP Fan Meeting

Posted by Daanish Rehman on Apr 20, 2021

With such little opportunity to meet your fans, perhaps international ones, getting a chance to host meet and greets through the Happin app enables you to engage with fans you rarely get to interact with. It is all held through the app, but configuring it takes place through the website, so follow these steps to create a VIP Fan Meeting, with ease.


Firstly, create a Happin account. When you are logged in, in the top right corner of your browser, where your profile icon is, click it. A small drop down menu should open, of which “Host Event” is one of them. Click that.


If this is your first time creating an event with Happin, it might open a list so you can read about which type of account is right for you. Once you’ve selected, it should open you up to page like this:


VIP Fan Meeting Setup 1

The red button in the top right corner that says “Create Event”, click on that.
VIP Fan Meeting Setup 2

It will take you to a screen showing 3 blocks; the different kind of event pages you can create; an in-person event, a hybrid event that allows you to sell tickets to the live stream of an in person event as well as in-person tickets all in a single event page, or the “Livestream Event”

VIP Fan Meeting Setup 3

The following page will just require information for the event page itself. Event title, event summary etc. Nothing too fancy.

VIP Fan Meeting Setup 4

Afterwards, you’ll have to set a date and time for your event. Note that over here, you can also chose if this is a public event, or an unlisted one. This lets you offer Fan Meeting capabilities to the public, or just a select group that you would like to contact directly. This is a great tool you can use to incentivize fans – if you wanted to host a contest, or make it only available to people who’ve signed up to your email list.

VIP Fan Meeting Setup 5

Once you’ve decided on that, the next page entitled ‘Event Tickets’ will let you create tickets for your event. This is where you decide ticket prices, the amount of tickets you want to sell, as well as where you set up a Private Fan Meeting Room.
VIP Fan Meeting 6

“Private Fan Meeting Room” - this will be your Meet and Greet space! You can create multiple small rooms, or a single big room from which everyone who buys a VIP ticket can watch your interactions in real-time.


It’s that simple. 


Now, whomever purchases a ticket to your VIP Fan Meeting, the app will notify them that they’ve received access - at the agreed time, they will be able to enter. They will also receive email confirmation upon purchase, so they can enter on mobile or through the website at their own convenience.


The app will create a waiting list so you’re able to see how many people are waiting for their one-on-one moment, however while people are waiting, they can continue to interact using the chat feature.


If you experience trouble creating your VIP Fan Meeting, feel free to email us at


From us at Happin, happy streaming.