Track Attendees

Understand, manage, and connect with your attendees on a whole new level.

Manage your event attendees in one place.

CrowdCore CRM will record attendees and all their data including merchandise purchases, attendee value and relevant tags.

Custom tags for any of your attendees

With CrowdCore, your attendee data belongs to you. Leverage it to better understand the impact, and gather insights to make future events better !

Built-In Email Marketing

Keep your past and future event attendees in the loop by setting up email communications, directly from the CRM. Build lists and segments based on your goals.

Integrate with popular ticketing platforms

This feature combines with your event microsite to collect attendee data from third party ticketing sites like Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, AXS and more.
You can also upload your existing attendee data into by download via a CSV file from from Eventbrite.

Make your next event a success.

You can start selling tickets and growing your brand the easy way.
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